Dmitry Shostakovich 음반정리를 마치고...
가지고 있는 음반들에 대한 정리가 마쳐졌습니다...

제목이 마음에 안들거나 의미가 맞지 않는다면, 운영진에 말씀드려서 바꾸어주시기 바랍니다.

교향곡에 있어서 지휘자와 연주단체가 같은데 녹음 연도가 틀린 경우가 있기도 하고, 같은데 다른 것처럼 분류해 둔 것도 있을 것입니다...앞으로도 노력을 기울여 음원에 대한 비교분석을 통하여 수정을 계속 해나갈 계획입니다.

다음은 현재 쇼스따꼬비치의 작품 가운데 디스코그래피가 없는 작품들입니다...

이들 작품에 대한 디스코그래피를 발견하시면 정확히 올려주시고, 대단히 죄송하지만 저에게도 개인적으로 알려주신다면 정말 감사하겠습니다.

휴.......정리하기가 힘드네요..........^^;

[ 디스코그래피가 빠진 쇼스따꼬비치의 곡 목록 ]

* Minuet, Prelude & Intermezzo for piano (sans op.A)

* 8 Preludes for piano op.2/5 Preludes for piano (sans op.B)

* Aphorisms for piano op.13

* Suite for Opera 'Nose' op.15a

* Incidental music from the Play 'The shot' op.24

* Incidental music from the Play 'Virgin soil' op.25

* Overture to I. Dzherzhinsky's spectacular-play 'Green guild' (sans op.D-2)

* Symphonic Poem 'From Karl Marx to our own days' (sans op.D-3)

* Igor Stravinsky's Psalm Symphony - arrangement for 4 hands (sans op.D-5)

* Moderato for cello and piano (sans op.D-6)

* Incidental music from the Play 'Rule, Britania!' op.28

* Incidental music from 'Conditionally killed' op.31

* Film music 'Love and hatred' op.38

* Film music 'Girl friends' op.41a

* Incidental music from 'Hail, Spain' op.44

* Film music 'Volochaev's days' op.48

* Orchestration for P. Degeyter's 'Internationale' (sans op.F)

* Film music 'Friends' op.51

* Transcription of J.Strauss' 'Wiener-blut' (snas op.H-1)

* 3 Orchestral pieces from the incidental music 'King Lear'

* War-time concert party pieces (sans op.J)
1. Song 'Oath to the people's commisar'
2. 27 Romances & songs
3. Marching song 'Fearless regiments are on the move'
4. Polka in F sharp minor for 2 harps

* Solemn march for military band (sans op.L)

* Incidental music for spectacular play 'Native land' op.63

* National Anthem contest entries (sans op.N)
1. Patriotic song by D. Shostakovich
2. Song of Red Army by D. Shostakovich & A. Khachaturyan
3. Orchestration of National Anthem by B. Alexandrov

* Incidental music to spectacular play 'Russian River' op.66

* Film music 'Simple people' op.71

* Incidental music to spectacular play 'Victorious spring' op.72

* Cantata 'Poem of Motherland' op.74

* Film music 'Young guard' op.75

* 3 Pieces for orchestra

* Film music 'Encounter at the Elbe' op.80

* Piano duet for children (sans op.O)
1. Merry march
2. Tarantella & Prelude

* Collection of light pieces (sans op.P)
2. 4 Waltzes for flute, clarinet & piano
3. 3 violin duets
4. 3 patishe dances

* 10 Poems by turn-on-the-century revolutionary poets op.88

* 10 Russian falksongs (sans op.Q)

* Film music 'Unforgettable 1919' op.89

* Cantata 'The sun shines on our Motherland' op.90

* Piano pieces for children (sans op.S)
1. Suite 'Dance of dolls'
2. Muzilka

* Variation from the Theme of M. Glinka for piano (sans op.T)

* 2 Russian songs op.104

* Film music 'A year is like a life' op.120

* Film music 'Katerina Izmailova'

* Orchestral arrangement of 2 Choral works by A. Davydenko op.124

* Miscellaneous works (sans op.X)
1. 11 Songs from 1944 to 1975
2. Small Cantata 'Little Paradise'
3. Orchestral piece 'Intervision'

* Oratorio 'My native country' (sans op.Y)

* Ballet 'The deamers'

[ 디스코그래피가 불충분한 쇼스따꼬비치의 곡 목록 ]

* Film music 'Counterplan' op.33

* Film music 'The great citizen 2' op.55

* Reorchestration of M. Mussorgsky's Opera 'Boris Godunov' op.58

* Film music 'The 1st Echelon' op.99

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