IMK International Audition for Singers



IMK, Verein für Internationale Musik und Kulturförderung, based in Vienna is founded in 1992. Our main goal is to help young and talented musicians begin their careers as professional concert artists.

Currently IMK is involved organizing more than 200 concerts every year cooperating with 60 orchestras and numerous conductors and concert organizers in most beautiful halls in Europe such as Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna, Dvorak and Smetana Hall in Prague, Liszt Hall in Budapest, Hercules Hall in Munich, Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome and more.

Since 2006, IMK has been organizing its own concert series "Schwingungen" in Musikverein Golden Hall inviting many famous orchestras; Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra, Rome Symphony Orchestra and many more.

This year, we are determined to offer our most prestigious stages to young musicians. We will select soloists through auditions for each stage in different categories. We ask you to encourage young musicians to participate these precious opportunities to be able to win their performances and make their dreams come true. More details are available at 

Thank you very much.





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