[HMF 이자벨 파우스트 신보 외]

HMM902254   프랑크: 바이올린 소나타 A장조/ 쇼송: 콩세르

수록곡 – 프랑크: 바이올린 소나타/ 쇼송: 콩세르 – 바이올린, 피아노와 현악 사중주를 위한 협주곡 Op.21

연주: 이자벨 파우스트(바이올린/ 1710년제 스트라디바리우스 ‘비외탕’), 알렉산더 멜니코프(피아노), 살라곤 사중주단


. *텔레라마, 프랑스 뮈지크 초이스, Presto ‘금 주의 음반’

Gramophone Magazine

May 2017

“[Chausson] Faust and the quartet…conjures and maintains a spellbinding, moonlit atmosphere. [Franck] equally impressive…[Faust] finds intense expressivity in restraint and emotional directness.”

Presto Classical

James Longstaffe

19th May 2017

“Faust and Melnikov are utterly spellbinding. It might not be quite like any performance you’ve heard of the Franck sonata before, but that makes it all the more welcome; a genuine delight.”

Record Review

28th May 2017

“this disc is an absolute keeper; it’s sensational … it’s hard to imagine that Ysaÿe could have done better”

The Observer

11th June 2017

“few performers have reached into [the Franck's] incandescent erotic passion as this duo do here. The piano part is famously virtuosic, but Melnikov, an established soloist as well as Faust’s regular partner, makes light of its difficulties. Their vision of the piece and its turbulent emotions is grand in scale, almost operatic.”

HMM902252   바흐: 소프라노를 위한 칸타타

수록곡 – 사라져라 슬픔의 그림자여 BWV.202, 믿음의 길 위로 걸으라 BWV.152, 내 마음 피에 잠겨 BWV.199

연주: 캐롤린 샘슨(소프라노), 안드레아스 볼프(베이스-바리톤), 프라이부르크 바로크 오케스트라, 페트라 뮐레얀스(지휘)

 *디아파종 황금상, 프랑스 뮈지크 초이스

The Observer   14th May 2017****“It’s a tribute to [Sampson's] linguistic as well as bright-voiced musical talents that she is the chosen soloist with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. The German period ensemble’s energy and precision is ever evident”


Record Review    28th May 2017   “a fresh, glowing reading of Bach’s Wedding Cantata … her radiant soprano growing from the organic opening and its oboe solo … a convincing journey, beautifully balanced”


Early Music Today   June 2017*****   “The crystalline beauty of Sampson’s voice makes it the ideal instrument for the wondrous language of ‘Weichet nur’ … the fit between Sampson and the orchestra – as she lives in Freiburg, her local band – is exemplary … a gem of a disc”

Gramophone MagazineJuly 2017   “Sampson is arguably the most experienced, assured and wide-ranging of current Bach sopranos. Sensitivity to the evolving line and projection of text, both of which she manages with warmth and dark-hued reflection, forms a consistent part of her delicate armoury...The resonant and authoritative Freiburgers encapsulate the profound remorse of the sinner [in BWV199]...This is really worth waiting for.”



HMM902261   텔레만: 다수의 악기를 위한 협주곡집

수록곡 – 협주곡 TWV.54: D3 (트럼펫 3, 팀파니, 오보에 2, 현, 통주저음)/ 협주곡 TWV.53: h1 (플룻 2, 칼케돈, 현, 통주저음)/ 협주곡 TWV.44: 43 (오보에 3, 바이올린 3, 통주저음)/ 소나타 TWV.44: 32 (바이올린 2, 비올라 2, 첼로, 통주저음)/ 협주곡 TWV.53: F1 (만돌린, 햄머드 덜시머, 하프, 현, 통주저음)/ 협주곡 TWV.53: d1 (오보에 2, 바순, 현, 통주저음)/ 협주곡 TWV.54: D2 (호른 3, 바이올린, 현, 통주저음)/ 아다지오-협주곡 TWV.43: G5 중에서 (바이올린2, 비올라, 첼로, 통주저음)

연주: 베를린 고음악 아카데미


프랑스 뮈지크 초이스, 클래시카 쇼크

Diapason   June 2017 *****

“We find the same dynamism as La Stagione Frankfurt, but with a greater variety of rhythm and rubato. Their allegros are less breathless but have just as much panache.”

Early Music Today   June 2017  *****

“the Akademie capture the music’s grandeur admirably … a uniquely magical soundworld … all dispatched with the requisite gusto and élan”

Gramophone Magazine  July 2017

“It really is a varied feast...the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin have added warm tonal brilliance and depth, bristling textures and a smartly nimble perkiness, and the result is a superbly colourful listen that ticks all possible boxes.”

Sunday Times  14th May 2017

“the collector’s item here is a work in F major for mandolin, hammered dulcimer, double harp and strings, with a beguilingly plucked central largo.”

HMM907688   성체 축일을 위한 음악

수록곡 – 팡제 링구아 글로리오시(성가)/ 데프레: 미사 팡제 링구아/ 빅토리아: 라우다 시온 살바토렘/ 버드: Cibavit eos/ 메시앙: 오 성스러운 잔치/ 프랜시스 그리어: 생명의 양식/ 그레이엄 로스: 아베 베룸 코르푸스(세계 최초 녹음)/ 핀지: Lo, the full, final Sacrifice

연주: 캠브리지 클레어 칼리지 합창단, 미카엘 파파도풀로스(오르간), 그레이엄 로스(지휘)


BBC Music Magazine

July 2017


“The Clare College performance of Josquin’s Missa Pange lingua which opens this recital has the kind of subtlety that can only be achieved by exceptionally responsive singers, immersed in the idiom of the music they are performing…of the nine other works on this CD, Victoria’s Lauda Sion salvatorem and La Rue’s O salutaris hostia are particular highlights”

Gramophone Magazine

July 2017

“Josquin's Missa Pange lingua is sung tenderly with a bright, luminous tone. These young singers display an impressive sense of style...this is one of the best choral performance of this Mass on record. There is little doubt that this choir has an enviable appetite for 20th-century music and they are at their strongest in the two French settings of O sacrum convivium by Villette and Messiaen.”

HMM90766162   바르토크: 현악 사중주 1~6번 전곡(2CD)

연주: 히스 사중주단

Sunday Times 4th June 2017

“The Heath Quartet play each with an electrifying intensity, maintaining an irresistible impetus and negotiating abrupt character changes with aplomb.”

The Guardian  7th June 2017 ****

“their performances deserve to be considered alongside the best … they are fine accounts … The careful balancing of textures and clarity of the part writing are regularly impressive”


Classical Ear   9th June 2017  ****

“I’d call this a radical re-think of the Bartók quartet cycle … Where the Heath Quartet scores is in its flexible approach, and the ease with which tempos relate to each other, especially in the largely romantic First Quartet, a work that in the wrong hands can seem episodic”

Presto ClassicalKatherine Cooper  June 2017

“Taut, incisive accounts of all six works from the intrepid young British quartet, who positively crackle with energy in the allegros and endow the slow movements (particularly the sequence of ‘mesto’ sections in the Sixth Quartet) with an almost orchestral depth of tone. The folk-inspired movements are especially effective, with just the right sort of rough edge to the timbre.”

Record Review   11th June 2017

“everything the critics enthused about at the time [of the Wigmore Hall concerts] is present and correct: the sense of music on the edge, performances impeccably prepared but surfing a wave of adrenaline. The combination of Beethovenian intensity of No. 1 to the rustic folk rhythms and thrusting propulsion of No. 2, all the way to the eerie sadness and desolation of No. 6 … a fine achievement … the performance of the 6th and last quartet is quietly devastating.”

The Scotsman 12th June 2017  *****

“The true joy of this survey by the Heath Quartet, taken from live recordings at the Wigmore Hall, is the pungency of performances that capture the essence of Bartók, from the desperation of youthful, unrequited love in the First Quartet, to the anguish of the last, written as war loomed. There is a freshness and immediacy running through every performance … This is a substantial achievement by the Heath Quartet, which offers new insights into one composer’s fascinating body of work”

HMX2908748   슈베르트: 피아노 트리오 No.2 Op.100, 피아노 오중주 Op.114 ‘송어’ 

연주: 반더러 트리오

HMG501941   모차르트: 네 손을 위한 소나타와 소곡

수록곡: 네 손을 위한 소나타 KV358, KV381, 파이지엘로의 <철학자의 거드름> ‘주여 행복을 내리소서’에 의한 6개의 변주곡 F장조, 환상곡과 푸가 C장조 K.394, 6개의 독일 춤곡 외

연주: 안드레아스 슈타이어(하프시코드), 크리스틴 쇤스하임(하프시코드)

HMG501669   슈베르트: 밤의 노래

연주: 리아스 실내합창단,  마커스 크리드(지휘)

HMG501977   브람스: 피아노 협주곡 1번, 하이든 변주곡

연주: 셰드릭 티베르기엥(피아노), BBC 심포닉 오케스트라, 지리 벨로흘라베크(지휘)

HMG501987   메시앙: 시간의 종말을 위한 4중주, 주제와 변주

연주: 반더러 트리오, 파스칼 모라게스(클라리넷)

HMG502033   스베일링크: 프랑스 성가 & 종교 음악  

연주: 다니엘 러스(지휘), 카펠라 암스테르담

HMG50116970   바흐: 푸가의 기법 (2for1)

연주: 다비트 모로니(하프시코드)

HMG50189596   쉬츠: 백조의 노래 - 시편 119, 독일 마그니피카트 (2for1)

연주: 콜레기움 보칼레 겐트, 콘체르토 팔라티노, 필립 헤레베레(지휘)

HMG50722829   헨델: 콘체르토 그로소 Op.6 (2for1)

연주: 고음악 아카데미, 앤드루 맨지(지휘)

HMG50735051   반 아이크: 플루트의 즐거움에 정원 (2for1)

연주: 마리온 베르부르겐(리코더)


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