DAS RHEINGOLD by Richard Wagner (Audio + Full Score) Georg S

DAS RHEINGOLD by Richard Wagner (Audio + Full Score)


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pf: Georg Solti cond/ Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Year/Date of Composition: 1853-4

Wotan: George London

Donner: Eberhard Wächter

Froh: Waldemar Kmentt

Loge: Set Svanholm

Alberich: Gustav Neidlinger

Mime: Paul Kuen Fasolt:

Walter Kreppel Fafner: Kurt Böhme

Fricka: Kirsten Flagstad

Freia: Claire Watson

Erda: Jean Madeira

Woglinde: Oda Balsborg

Wellgunde: Hetty Plümacher

Floßhilde: Ira Malaniuk




Wotan, ruler of the gods (Bass-Baritone)

Donner, god of thunder (Bass)

Froh, god of sun, rain, and fruits (Tenor)

Loge, demigod of fire (Tenor)

Fasolt, a giant, brother of Fafner (Bass)

Fafner, a giant, brother of Fasolt (Bass)

Alberich, brother of Mime, a Nibelung (Bass-Baritone)

Mime, brother of Alberich, a Nibelung (Tenor)

Fricka, goddess of marriage and wife of Wotan (Mezzo-soprano)

Freia, goddess of youth and beauty (Soprano)

Erda, the earth goddess (Contralto)

Woglinde, a Rhine-maiden (Soprano)

Wellgunde, a Rhine-maiden (Mezzo-soprano)

Flosshilde, a Rhine-maiden (Contralto)

Chorus of Nibelungs


0:00 - Scene One (The Rhine River) 4:13 - (Woglinde's lullaby) 5:25 - (The dwarf Alberich appears) 6:38 - (Alberich tries to catch Woglinde...but fails) 7:36 - (Wellgunde's seduction) 9:12 - (Flosshilde's seduction) 11:09 - (Alberich's anger and accusation as he falls for the Rhinemaidens' pranks) 11:36 - (The Rhinemaidens don't give a damn) 13:57 - (The sun shines on the Rhinegold) 17:17 - (Wellgunde: "Making a ring from the gold grants world-power.") 17:56 - (Woglinde: "One must renounce love to make the ring of power.") 19:46 - (Alberich renounces love and steals the Rhinegold.) 24:11 - Scene Two (On a meadow outside Valhalla. Construction of Valhalla has just been completed.) 25:29 - (Fricka: "A debt is due.") 33:04 - (Freia fleeing from the Giants) 35:04 - (Entrance of Fasolt and Fafner) 41:22 - (Fafner considers taking the Golden Apples from Freia) 42:31 - (Froh and Donner try to defend Freia) 43:25 - (Wotan intervenes with his Spear) 44:12 - (Entrance of Loge) 47:57 - (Loge talks of his search for payment for the giants, and his hearing the Rhinemaidens' tale) 59:21 - (The Giants take Freia) 1:00:57 - (The Gods grow older) 1:07:22 - Interlude (Wotan and Loge descend to Nibelheim to steal the Rhinegold from Alberich) 1:09:48 - Scene Three (Nibelheim) 1:10:31 - (Alberich takes the Tarnhelm, forged by his brother Mime) 1:13:51 - (Wotan and Loge converse with Mime about Alberich's tyranny over the Nibelungs) 1:29:25 - (Alberich transforms into a dragon, then a toad, and gets captured by Wotan) 1:32:30 - Interlude 1:35:55 - Scene Four (Outside Valhalla) 1:46:12 - (Alberich curses the Ring) 1:50:21 - (The mist clears) 1:56:17 - (Loge and Froh heap treasure on top of Freia) 1:59:51 - (Fafner turns his attention to the Ring, which Wotan refuses to give) 2:01:26 - (The goddess Erda rises from the ground: "A darksome day dawns for your godhood: be counseled, give up the Ring!) 2:07:55 - (Wotan gives up the Ring, releasing Freia) 2:09:17 - (The curse takes effect...the giants fight over the Ring; Fafner kills Fasolt) 2:14:22 - (Donner clears the fog on the mountain top with his hammer) 2:16:16 - Rainbrow Bridge Scene; The gods (all except Loge) cross the bridge to Valhalla 2:22:03 - (The Rhinemaidens lament the loss of the Rhinegold.)

바그너WAGNER"라인의 황금"Das Rheingold
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